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Best Value support

Best Value Group can support the full Best Value process from the preparation stage to the supplier selection and to implementation. We follow the steps as described in the book "Prestatieinkoop", which Jeroen van de Rijt has co-authored. The approach represents a paradigm shift: from controlling and micro-managing vendors by the client to release control and assisting vendor to control the project . As a mountain guide who wants to lead the expedition to the top of the mountain. Performance of suppliers are the basis. Our consultants have found that this paradigm shift is only realized t if a project is guided from beginning to end. The  philosophy of Best Value Group is to ensure the Best Value approach in the organization of the client, making the involvement of Best Value Group decrease over time.

Depending on the level of knowledge of the organization and possible  issues  within the organization, we can put more emphasis on the guidance of one of the phases (preparation, selection, realization, implementation). Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities if you want to exchange ideas.

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