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The functioning of public and private organizations cannot be seen in isolation from other organizations, such as suppliers, regulatory authorities or buyers. An organization is often a link in a chain from raw material to consumer. The chain  is as strong as its weakest link. Transparency of performance is becoming increasingly important . An important question is: who are on your molecule, and what are their performances?

Our passion is to make supply chains faster, better and smarter by creating transparency. This goes beyond buying and selling , but requires a system approach. Starting from the expectations of the customers, the cooperation between all parties in the chain needs to be well designed and aligned. This starts with the procurement strategy, in which the strategic choices such as make or buy, contract type and form of cooperation have to be balanced . These choices are then elaborated in a more detailed procurement plan. Then, during the transaction expertise is sought that fully contributes to the project goals.

A Procurement strategy

A procurement strategy is based on the project objectives. The procurement strategy considers the make or buy desicion...

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B Procurement plan

A procurement plan allows the organization to determine on a more detailed level how the major project risks are managed...

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C Best Value Support

Best Value Group can support the full Best Value process from the preparation stage to the supplier selection and to...

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D Best Value Training

The Best Value Group can provide customized in-company training on the Best Value approach both for clients and vendors...

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