Wiebe has over 15 years’ experience in the procurement of complex projects. His experience extends from procurement strategy to contract and project management. Wiebe is considered to be one of the founding fathers of Best Value in the Netherlands. Wiebe has proposed the Best Value approach for the “Fast Track” program and has made the Best Value approach applicable within the European legislation framework. As a member of the core team of Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch government agency for roads and waterways) he has won the Dutch Sourcing Awards 2012 for the application of the Best Value approach in the Fast Track program. This program also meant the final breakthrough of the Best Value approach in the Netherlands. Afterwards Wiebe has implemented and anchored the Best Value approach in the Rijkswaterstaat organization in his function of leader of the Best Value core team. In 2015 Wiebe has co-founded the Best Value Group, a company that helps to implement the Best Value approach in public and private organizations. Together with colleague Jeroen van de Rijt Wiebe has published the Dutch case book “Best Value works” (published by the Association Best Value Netherlands).


  • Over 30 projects in the primary process of organizations, both in the infrastructural domain (engineering services and infrastructural works) and IT domain.
  • Fast Track program: 1 year acceleration on average and 50% lower transaction costs compared to traditional.
  • Member of the Tender Board Deliveries and Services (2014) and the Tenderboard Works of Rijkswaterstaat (advising of the Procurement Director).
  • Member of the Editorial board of the “Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value”.
  • Co-author of 1 Dutch book and 10 articles on Best Value.
  • Leader of the Rijkswaterstaat Best Value core team between 2012 and 2015; winner of the 2012 Dutch Sourcing Awards for “Operational Excellence” and “Best procurement performance”.
  • Guest lecturer master course “Tendering and Procurement Strategies” at the University of Twente (student rating 2015: 8,3 out of 10).
  • Member of the Dutch Best Value Certification Board.
  • Over 500 presentations; measured customer satisfaction 8 (out of 10).